About Us


    Founded in 1983, Hull's Environmental Services, Inc. has grown into a complete service environmental remediation, industrial services and oil field services company headquartered in Wilson, Oklahoma with full service facilities in Texas, Georgia and Florida.

    Our highly trained personnel have worked sites in every state excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Our staff is current on all OSHA HAZWOPER, DOT Operator Qualification, and various other safety based training. We have responded to hundreds of petrochemical releases; specialized in hazardous material (HAZMAT) emergency response; land based oil and chemical spill clean-up, marine based oil and chemical spill clean-up, bioremediation (hydrocarbon and salt), cargo transfers, chemical incidents, facility cleanups, heavy truck accidents, natural disasters, tank battery fires, tank cleanings, train derailments, solidifications, waste disposals, and many more.





    In addition, Hull's owns and maintains a large fleet of emergency response vehicles, solid and liquid containers; vacuum equipped trucks, dump trucks, pumps, compressors, supervisor trucks, miles of containment boom, response vessels and skimmers.

     Our crews are radio dispatched 24 hours per day, ensuring prompt response times at any hour of the day. We own the equipment required for most jobs, which means faster response times in emergency situations, facilitating quicker product containment and limiting environmental liabilities.




  At Hull's Environmental Services, we believe in constant communication with the client to ensure a job is done right the first time, saving time, money, and regulatory hassles. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service at the fairest price and ensuring that every job is done to the highest client expectation.


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